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The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (1)

There are few activities likely to test the skills of parents and kids in equal measure, but mini golf is definitely one of them! Beginner’s luck always seems to prevail, the simplest of putts turn out to be the biggest challenge, and there’s always that one hole that delivers a sub-par performance – just not in a good way! So, are you ready for the challenge? We’ve teed up some of thebest mini-golfcourses in the UK, so all that’s left to do is grab a club and set off in search of that elusive hole-in-one…

Mini-golf Courses in the UK

Adventure Island Mini Golf

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (2)

Adventure is the name of the game atAdventure Island Mini Golf, the indoor crazy golf at Birmingham’sStar City. Hop aboard the HMS Adventure as you sail to a tiki paradise, complete with two fully themed, 18-hole courses!Found across three levels, you’ll be pitching and putting amongst tiki huts, waterfalls, volcanoes and loads of other exciting obstacles, but which course will you choose?

The Hidden Cove, which is slightly easier of the two, or if you’re up for the challenge take on the Lost Hut Trail, taking you through abandoned temples and old island villages, with plenty trying to put you off!

Both courses finish with the famous 19th hole challenge – succeed and you’ll win afreeround of golf, but it’s not as easy as it sounds…

Info & Pricing

  • Location Star City. Birmingham
  • Price from £7.50

The Lost City

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (3)

Delve into the deepest rainforest to uncoverthe Lost City Adventure Golf, home to two 18-hole indoor courses designed to put you to the test. From lucky parrots and 23ft long snakes to dragons and tigers, there are all sorts of fantastic things to discover on this trail! You’ll have an absolute blast!

Find out morehere

Info & Pricing

  • Location The Corner House. Nottingham
  • Price Child (5 and under) £5.00 and Standard £9.00

Mr Mulligan’s Birmingham

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (4)

Ever wanted to golf in space?Mr Mulligan’smakes that happen! With 3 indoor 12 hole adventure golf courses, there are lots of obstacles coming your way. Can you use your creativity toputta hole in one? Sci-fi themed to make your game feel out of this world!

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Info & Pricing

  • Location Unit 5-7 Broadway Plaza. Ladywood Middleway Broadway. Birmingham
  • Price Child (under 12) from £6.00 and Adults from £8.00

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (5)

Enjoy two 18 hole Adventure Golf courses that span 14,000sq/ft – holy moly! Venture through abandoned shipwrecks, sea caves, sharks, and turtles and voyage through jungles, past a cannibal camp and more. Or venture through a monkey temple, rainforests, through to a lost lagoon to a mystical bazaar. The 19th hole gives all mini golfers a chance to win a free game!

Be on the lookout for exotic animals too!

One of the most exciting and best mini golf courses around!

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Info & Pricing

  • Location Derbion. Derby
  • Price Child (under 5) £4.00. Child (5-16) £6.50 and Adult £8.50

Congo River Crazy Golf

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (6)

Giving a little taste of the sunshine state, this newly refurbished, Florida-style adventure golf course is the ultimate in family fun. Putt your way throughCongo River Crazy Golf’s18 outdoor holes, navigating tunnels, and it’s packed full of exciting features such as abandoned camps, aircraft & vehicles wreckages and bridges across the water – how close can you get to par?

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Info & Pricing

  • Location Blaby Golf Centre. Leicester
  • Price from £5.00

Dinosaur Safari Adventure Experience

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (7)

As you make your way aroundDinosaur Safari,keep your eyes peeled for the 9 huge dinosaurs, but you won’t need to look hard to spot these prehistoric giants!Compete for glory around the 18-hole outdoor course for adventure golf with plenty ofbite, but be sure not to blame the roaring dinosaurs for any wayward putts…

Find out morehere

Info & Pricing

  • Location A1 Golf Driving Range. Hertfordshire
  • Price for a child and parent - £7.50


The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (8)

Take your crazy golfing up a notch and discoverPuttshack, a fantastic retro-inspired crazy golf day out packed full of all sorts of incredible tech to make it your best game experience ever! With an interactive leaderboard, high tech balls, and a digital prize wheel, this is one place where you’ll need to bring your A-game.

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Info & Pricing

  • Location Westfield Square. London
  • Price Child (7-12) £7.50. Child (13-17) £9.00 and Adult £9.00

Victoria Falls

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (9)

With Bath’s Royal Crescent as a backdrop,Victoria Falls is probably the most picturesque mini-golf course on the list. Featuring 18 holes of fun, rushing waterways, bridges and waterfalls, visitors of all ages will love putting their putt to the test.

Read morehere

Info & Pricing

  • Location Royal Pavilion. Bath
  • Price Child £4.50 and Adult £5.50

Junk Yard Golf

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (10)

Pick your choice out of 3 mini-golf courses and putt away! Whether you venture through a scrapyard, through a polluted jungle or into a dark fairground. There’s plenty of fun to be had at this mini-golf course.

FYI under 18s are only allowed Sunday – Thursday before 7pm!

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Info & Pricing

  • Location 2 First St. Manchester
  • Price from £8.50

Congo Falls Adventure Golf

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (11)

Looking for a crazy golf day out that’s outdoors? DiscoverCongo Falls, an epic outdoors crazy golf course with 18 holes and plenty of exciting obstacles, from wobbly bridges to deep water rafts and quick rapids, you’ll get to tee off in the sunshine!


Info & Pricing

  • Location Keynsham. Bristol
  • Price Child (3 and under) free. Child (4-15) £6.95 and Adult (16+) £9.50

Puttclub Hull

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (12)

Got mini motor enthusiasts? DiscoverPuttclub Hull,a fantastic 9 hole adventure golf course full of unique motor themed holes. Grab your club and see if you canputtyour way around the Hole of Mirrors or if you can make it through the Hole Lotta Fun!

Check it outhere

Info & Pricing

  • Location Coxbridge Business Park. East Yorkshire
  • Price £5.00

Xscape Yorkshire

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (13)

Have you ever heard of 4D mini-golf? Well, you can actually experience it at Xscape Yorkshire! The UK’s first glow-in-the-dark adventure golf, with 3D theming and special effects for every hole! It’ll be an out of this world experience, as you either lift a terrible Mummy’s Curse, through ancient tombs and Egyptian hallways or discover the lost city of Atlantis and encounter ‘The Kraken’.

You’ll have acrackingtime, we promise! Experience mini-golf like no other.

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Info & Pricing

  • Location Castleford. Yorkshire
  • Price £3.50

Treetop Adventure Golf

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (14)

Featuring two 18-hole courses, atTreetop Adventure Golfyou play your way through 20ft towering trees, along the colour changing mystic river and through the indoor thunderstorm experience, all whilst trying to get the best score. This might be mini-golf, but it’s one big rainforest adventure!

Find out morehere

Info & Pricing

  • Location Level P3. St David’s. Cardiff
  • Price Child (under 5s) from £4.50 and Adventurers from £9.50


The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (15)

Choose out of 3 mini-golf courses and tee off in the dark, with neon lights as your guide! A brilliantly fun activity for kids they will remember for ages! Thrills, adventure and fun all under one roof.

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Info & Pricing

  • Location Little Wind St. Swansea
  • Price from £6.50

Great Western Golf, Jurassic Parrr

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (16)

The radio systems are down…there’s no communication and all you can hear is the crack of an abandoned radio. The dinosaurs have gotten loose but where are the scientists and guards? You have to investigate their 18 holes mini golf course! Are you brave enough? VisitJurassic Parrr!

Find out morehere

Info & Pricing

  • Location 2700 Great Western Rd. Glasgow
  • Price Child (under 4) £2.50. Child (age 4 - 14) £6.00 and Adults (14+) £8.00

Portal Mini Golf

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (17)

A mini-golf adventure that transports you back in time? Yes please! Start at the Skatepark as you “drop-in” to Hole 1, then travel to ‘Kenney’s Speedway’, then to the ‘Dog House’ and lastly ‘The Pub’ (all ages are welcome!) But that’s not all, travel into the arcade game Pacman as you tee off and into a Stranger Things themed forest… It’s a bit mad, but then that’s why your kids will love it!

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Info & Pricing

  • Location Edinburgh. Scotland
  • Price £99.00

Pirates Adventure Golf

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (18)

Arrgh you ready for some putt-tastic mini-golf? Then head on down toPirates Adventure Golf and venture past pirate ships, pirates and cannonballs (watch out!). See how tee-ffric you are.

Find out morehere

Info & Pricing

  • Location Dundonald. Belfast
  • Price Child (4 and under) £2.00. Child (10 and under) £5.50 and Adult (11+) £7.50

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the UK (19)

We hope you found some tee-rrifc mini-golf courses near you! Grab a golf club and putt your way to the top of the leaderboard. If you don’t fancy mini golf, then check out our blogs for fun days out:

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