New Year's Traditions in the United States | Extra Mile (2023)

If you’re like a lot of Americans, you’ve rung in the new year with the television tuned to the big ball drop in New York. The Times Square ball drop may be one of the best-known New Year’s traditions in the United States, but it’s far from the only celebration going on as one year ends and another begins.

From watching unusual objects drop from tall buildings on New Year’s Eve to enjoying special dishes prepared for good luck in the new year, New Year’s traditions continue all over the U.S.

Here are some of our favorite — and a few too quirky to leave out — American New Year’s traditions and celebrations.

New Year’s Traditions: Special Meals for Good Luck

Even if you’re not superstitious, nothing beats a feast on New Year’s Day for a better shot at good luck in the new year. This year, consider digging in to one of these regional favorites:

Black-Eyed Peas (Hoppin’ John)

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This New Year’s Day good luck meal, also known as “hoppin’ John,” originated in South Carolina and is practiced widely in the South. The New Year’s Day meal, a mix of black-eyed peas, rice and pork, is typically served with collard greens and cornbread. This Southern tradition may have gotten its moniker from English speakers mangling the French word for dried peas “pois pigeons,” pronounced “paw-peejohn.”

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In Mexico, families feast on tamales throughout the December holidays and well into the new year. Tamales are pork or another meat stuffed inside sweet corn masa dough and steamed in corn husks. The New Year’s Day tamale tradition is also popular in U.S. cities with a large Hispanic population, thanks to Mexican immigrants who brought the dish here long ago.

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This meal symbolizes family traditions, gatherings and celebrations more than good luck. Whether the family matriarch spends days preparing the labor-heavy dish or you pick up your tamales from a restaurant on New Year’s Eve, tamales in your tummy may be just what you need to kick off the new year right.

Pork and Sauerkraut

People in Pennsylvania and Ohio like to dish up good luck on New Year’s Day with slow-cooked pork and sauerkraut. This Germanic tradition came from the early Pennsylvania Dutch and German settlers. The dish symbolizes good luck and progress for the new year, since pigs are known for rooting forward. Some believe this meal brings good luck in the new year because sauerkraut is made from cabbage, which symbolizes riches and prosperity. The long, pickled strands are symbolic of long life.

New Year’s Pretzel

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it’s a tradition to eat a New Year’s pretzel to bring good luck for the coming year. And we’re not talking about some crispy snack out of a plastic bag, either. For the greatest amount of good luck, share the bread-like, salty and sweet glazed baked treat with several people at once.

Pickled Herring

In Poland and Scandinavia, it’s a New Year’s Eve tradition to take a bite of pickled herring at the stroke of midnight for good luck in the coming year. However, you’ll also find pickled herring, an oily fish symbolic of long life, fertility and riches (due to its coin-like silver color) gracing New Year’s Eve buffets in Chicago, which has a large Polish-American population. The pickled herring New Year’s Eve tradition is also popular in Minnesota, which has a large population of Norwegian immigrants.

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New Year’s Traditions: Quirky New Year’s Eve “Drops”

The ball drop in Times Square isn’t the only awe-inspiring event when it comes to crowds watching an object descend at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Some cities have their own quirky traditions the locals love that also draw crowds from other regions.

Midnight Music Note Drop: Nashville, Tennessee

Each year at midnight more than 200,000 people celebrate New Year’s Eve by watching Nashville’s Midnight Music Note Drop. Spectators sing and cheer as a 16-foot-tall music note illuminated by more than 13,000 LED lights descends down a 138-foot-tall structure on the main stage.

This year, the event takes place at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Downtown Nashville. The celebration features nearly 50 musical performances by big-name country artists on the main stage and at various Nashville venues.

Can’t make it to Nashville but still want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Nashville style? You can watch the drop and musical performances live that night on the CBS television network and on-demand at Paramount+.

Mobile Moonpie Drop: Mobile, Alabama

Since 2008, the City of Mobile has lowered a 12-foot-tall, lighted, mechanical Moon Pie 317 feet from the 34-story RSA BankTrust building just before midnight to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Mobile was the home of the first Mardi Gras celebration, and the famed “Moon Pie,” a childhood staple for many, was the favored toss from those early parade floats. Today, around four million Moon Pies are sold a year in Mobile, which embraces the chocolate, banana and vanilla confection as its informal city emblem.

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Celebrants gather in downtown Mobile to party to live music and scribble New Year’s resolutions on the event’s resolution wall. Festivities include the ceremonial cutting of a giant Moonpie to feed the throngs of attendees.

Read more about the Mobile MoonPie Drop here.

Maple Leaf and Great Sardine Drop: Eastport, Maine

For 16 years, an eight-foot sardine has beckoned a swimmingly good New Year as it descends on New Year’s Eve from the third floor of the Tides Institute and Museum of Art in Eastport, Maine (pop. 1,300). However, the easternmost city in the U.S. doesn’t usher in the New Year with the giant sardine alone.

Eastport is just across the Bay of Fundy from the Canadian island Campobello. So, it’s only fitting that an hour before the great sardine drops at midnight, the celebrants sing “O Canada” as a giant, lighted Maple Leaf floats gently to the stage. Then, just before midnight, hundreds sing “Auld Lang Syne” to accompany the descent of the great sardine.

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This year, you can attend in person, watch the festivities as a participant in a drive-by parade or stream the event via Zoom.

Giant Marshmallow PEEP Drop: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Every New Year’s Eve in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a massive PEEPS Chick descends on the town that is headquarters for Just Born Quality Confections, maker of the marshmallow candy PEEPS. The giant PEEPS Chick, which weighs four hundred pounds and stands four feet and nine inches tall, isn’t one for late-night celebrations, however.

The massive yellow chick glides slowly down at 5:15 p.m. to kick off Bethlehem’s annual New Year’s Eve PEEPSFEST at the SteelStacks, a ten-acre campus dedicated to arts, culture and family fun. This year’s celebration will be virtual-only due to pandemic safety precautions.

You can watch the live stream at, the PEEPS Facebook page or the Just Born Facebook page.

New Year's Traditions in the United States | Extra Mile (4)

What Are Your New Year’s Traditions?

Whether you stay up late to kiss your sweetie at midnight or get up early to prepare your favorite good luck meal on New Year’s Day, you can start 2022 with an optimistic attitude and a clean slate for New Year’s resolutions.

How does your city or family celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? Share your New Year’s traditions with other readers in the comments.

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What are New Year's traditions in the United States? ›

In the United States, the most iconic New Year's tradition is the dropping of a giant ball in New York City's Times Square at the stroke of midnight. Millions of people around the world watch the event, which has taken place almost every year since 1907.

What is the most famous New Year's tradition? ›

1. United States: Watching the ball drop. Millions of Americans gather around their television sets (or on the streets of Times Square, despite freezing temps) to watch the ball drop at the stroke of midnight each year.

Which are the two practices to celebrate New Year in the United States? ›

Countdown and Kiss at Midnight

We know that people still do this, but the reasoning behind it bears repeating: "Kiss the person you hope to keep kissing," as the saying goes.

Why is New Year's important to us? ›

1. The New Year is all about fresh starts and looking towards the future with optimism, so New Year's Eve can signal the end of a chapter in 2022 and the beginning of a new one in 2023. 2. It's party time and a highlight in the calendar for party animals.

What is a tradition celebrated in the United States? ›

Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, and Fourth of July traditions have been around for hundreds of years. Customs surrounding the presidency, such as the turkey pardoning, are also some of America's oldest. The United States also has some stranger cultural institutions, like competitive-eating contests.

What are two common New Year's Eve traditions? ›

Whether you're ringing in New Year's Eve from some exciting foreign country or at home with family and friends, you probably have a New Year's tradition or two. Common traditions throughout the United States include singing “Auld Lang Syne” to greet the New Year, and eating black-eyed peas for good luck.

What are 5 examples of traditions? ›

20 family tradition examples
  • Swim on the first day of spring. ...
  • Make homemade gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah (or birthdays) ...
  • Go hiking in the same place or at the same time. ...
  • Have a movie night. ...
  • Visit the same restaurant. ...
  • Do a family digital detox. ...
  • Take up a new activity as a family. ...
  • Start a gratitude jar.
Dec 17, 2021

Where is New Years celebrated in the US? ›

New York City is famous all over the world for its happening New Year parties. The dropping of the ball at midnight which takes place at Times Square is attended by millions of people and is also live streamed.

What is New Year in simple words? ›

New Year is the time or day at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar's year count increments by one. Many cultures celebrate the event in some manner. In the Gregorian calendar, the most widely used calendar system today, New Year occurs on January 1 (New Year's Day, preceded by New Year's Eve).

Is New Year really important? ›

New Year is a festival of happiness and contentment, and is celebrated world wide. New Year denotes the beginning of another year, full of joy and success, according to the English calendar. According to the English Calendar, 1st January is the first day of every Year and is celebrated as a “New Year, new beginnings”.

How important is celebrating New Year in your country? ›

Do you still remember a New Year that you celebrated? Well, since New Year is one of the most special holidays in our country, my memories of every New Year celebration are still vivid. I do still remember every single activity that we actually did in the last ten years of celebrating that holiday.

What traditions are unique in the United States? ›

Weird America: 9 of the USA's most bizarre traditions
  • Presidential turkey pardons. ...
  • Nenana Ice Classic, Alaska. ...
  • Groundhog Day, Pennsylvania. ...
  • Cherry Pit Spitting, Michigan. ...
  • Ostrich racing, Arizona. ...
  • Roadkill cook-off, West Virginia. ...
  • The National Hollerin' Contest, North Carolina. ...
  • Pumpkin chucking, Delaware.

What is the most important celebration for most Americans? ›

Independence Day is often considered the most “American” of American holidays. Most celebrations are officially kicked off with a parade honoring the history of the country and those who fought for its freedom.

What strange tradition is common on new year's Eve? ›

Eating grapes, wearing polka dots, or burning scarecrows might be weird New Year's Eve traditions to some, but centuries-old customs to others. As the old year comes to a close, we have a look at some of the most interesting traditions to welcome the new year.

What three things are you supposed to eat on new year's Day? ›

Black-Eyed Peas, Greens, and Cornbread

Even folks who aren't from the Southern United States go all in on eating black-eyed peas and leafy greens for good luck on New Year's Day. Add a slice of cornbread, and you've got "peas for pennies, greens for dollars, and cornbread for gold."

What are the 12 fruits new year? ›

The 12 fruits enlisted were pineapple, orange, apple, mango, banana, watermelon, avocado, grapes, papaya, lemon, lychee, and pomegranates.


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