21 of the best garden furniture sets for enjoying sunny days at home (2023)

21 of the best garden furniture sets for enjoying sunny days at home (1)


A garden furniture set will help to transform your outside area into a welcoming place for friends and family – and provide a much-needed spot for you to sunbathe and unwind with a good book.

No matter your space, we've found plenty of options to suit all tastes and budgets for 2022 – from mini bistro tables for the balcony to large, comfy sofas that the whole family can squeeze round.

Before you buy, make sure the materials suit your needs and the amount of time you’re willing to spend on upkeep. To help you choose, we’ve picked out some of the pros and cons of each type.

Wood: Wood makes a much more eco-friendly option than synthetic garden furniture – especially if it’s FSC approved – and can last for years if it's properly cared for. If you opt for untreated timber, it can be personalised to your taste with a lick of paint or wood stain. Wood is susceptible to rot and mould damage though, so ensure you give it yearly treatments to keep it in tiptop condition.

Metal: If you’re looking for something fuss-free, metal is a good option. It’s super easy to keep clean – just give furniture a wipe over with warm soapy water – and it shouldn’t fade or go mouldy. Some cheaper options may rust if you leave it outside, though, so we’d recommend using an outdoor cover or storing it away in bad weather, if you have space.

Rattan: Not only does genuine rattan look super trendy, it’s also exceptionally durable and can last for years if cared for properly. We’d recommend investing in a decent waterproof cover, as it tends to rot in damp conditions, and removing any debris with a soft brush and warm soapy water before leaving it to dry in a sunny, well-ventilated area.

Polyrattan, or PE rattan: A synthetic alternative to rattan, PE rattan is a good choice if you’d prefer a low-maintenance option. It looks just like the real thing, but it’s waterproof, UV-resistant and should last longer than its natural counterpart.

The manufacturer should provide care instructions for your chosen set, so be sure to check to keep your new furniture in top condition.

Scroll down to see our picks of the best garden furniture sets for your home’s outside space for summer 2022.

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Garden furniture sets: Bistro set


Arc En Ciel Steel Bistro Set



  • Great for small spaces
  • Can be left outside all year round

A classic little bistro set, perfect for popping on your balcony for al fresco breakfasts in the sun. It's also available in green, blue, dusty grey and iron grey.

Size: H81 x W42.5 x D43cm (chairs); H74 x W70 x D50cm (table)
Material: Metal

Garden furniture sets: Fire pit


Tuscany Fire Pit Set



  • Intergrated fire pit
  • Stylish set

Complete with an integrated fire pit, this stylish four-seater set will help add some wow factor to your outdoor setup. A dome-shaped fire screen provides a full view of the crackling flames so it can be appreciated from any angle, while the outer table offers plenty of room for your nibbles.

Size: H91 x W75 x D87cm (chairs); H55 x W132 x D132cm (table)

Garden furniture sets: Day bed


Rattan Daybed with Table



  • Can be reassembled into a lounge set
  • Chic rattan finish

Snuggle up with a good book on this plush rattan daybed – it makes the perfect spot to de-stress. Although it looks like one large bed, it actually comprises two stools, a sofa with an extendable canopy and table, so you can always take it apart if you’re having people over.

W56 x H30.5cm; D45 x W180 x H148cm (sofa); D45 x W106 x H31cm (stool); D150 x W180 x H148cm (table)

Garden furniture sets: Bistro set


Mosaic Bistro Set


£149.99 (35% off)


  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Cushions included

This one will have you feeling as if you’re on holiday when you step into your garden – it feels straight out of a bistro café on the Mediterranean coast. The intricate mosaic detail is very pretty, while the bold red cushions will add a pop of colour to your patio.

It’s currently on sale, reduced by 21% to £179 from £229.

Material: Metal
Seats: Two

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Garden furniture sets: Lounging Set

John Lewis & Partnersjohnlewis.com

4-Seater Garden Table & Chairs



  • Cushions included
  • Weather-resistant

This four-seater set’s light grey design will complement most outdoor schemes and it feels very on-trend with that polyrattan finish. It’s currently reduced by 20%, bringing the price down to £639.20 from £795.

Size: H82.5 x W140.5 x D75cm (sofa), H82 x W75 x D74.8cm (chairs); H41.5 x W90 x D62.5.cm (table)

Garden furniture sets: Wooden set

Charles Taylordunelm.com

Wooden Conversation Set



  • Weather-resistant
  • Timeless design

We're looking forward to sunny days relaxing with family outside. This FSC-certified wooden garden furniture set will make a lovely addition to your space. There's even a table for your glass of Pimms.

Material: Wood
Seats: Four

Garden furniture sets: Bistro set


Lettie Bistro Set



  • Bold pink design
  • Ideal for smaller spaces

How sweet is this bistro set? It’ll look very cute tucked in the corner of your patio or balcony with a couple of soft blush pink seat pads. It also comes in a muted grey or bold azure blue. Right now, it’s reduced to £130 from £180.

Size: H81.5 x W47 x D56cm (chairs); H71 x W62 x D62cm (table)

Garden furniture sets: Lounge set with firepit

Cox and Coxcoxandcox.co.uk

Corner Lounge Set With Firepit


£2,471.25 (25% off)


  • Stylish design
  • Intergrated fire pit

With an integrated fire pit to help keep your guests cosy, this luxurious seven-seater set is ideal for all your garden gatherings. The side tables provide more room for extra nibbles and drinks, too.

Material: Metal
Seats: Seven

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Garden furniture sets: Reclining chairs


Misali 6 Seater Garden Dining Set



  • Rust resistant aluminium
  • Folds flat for easy storage

These reclining chairs will provide the perfect spot to sunbathe once you're finished with lunch. The table features an integrated spinning turntable, too, so no one misses out on all your barbecue food.

Now, it's reduced to £530 from £780.

Size: H106 x W60 x D67cm (chairs); H74 x Dia.135cm
Seats: Six

Garden furniture sets: Indoor/outdoor stool


Vallarta Indoor/Outdoor Stool



  • Weather-resistant
  • Suitable for indoor use

Need something to brighten up your drab patio? Anthropologie is well known for its beautiful decorative designs and this gorgeous indoor/outdoor stool is no exception. It's also available in blue and green.

Size: H45 x W29 x D33 cm
Material: Glazed ceramic

Garden furniture sets: Sofa

Garden Tradinggardentrading.co.uk

Hampstead Bench



  • Stylish rattan frame

Forget boring garden benches – this outdoor rattan sofa will give your garden seating area a sophisticated upgrade. It's on sale now, reduced to £320 from £400.

Size: H83 x W126 x D76cm
Material: PE rattan
Seats: Two

Garden furniture sets: Bell tent

Cox & Coxcoxandcox.co.uk

Hanging Bell Tent



  • UV, mould and water-resistant
  • Space-saving folding design

At just under £1000, this item is a bit of a splurge purchase – but there's no denying this is the dream setup for long sunny days at home.

Material: Metal and canvas

Garden furniture set: Bistro set

Dawsons Livingamazon.co.uk

Faux Rattan Bistro Set

21 of the best garden furniture sets for enjoying sunny days at home (14)

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£199.00 (13% off)

  • Weather resistant
  • Folds flat for easy storage

Another great one for those who enjoy the rattan look.

Material: PE rattan
Seats: Two


Reclining Dining Set

21 of the best garden furniture sets for enjoying sunny days at home (15)


  • Parasol included
  • Weather resistant

Along with four (reclining) chairs and a table, this set also comes with a parasol, making it great value for money. It's currently 15% off, reduced to £509.99 from £599.99.

Metal and Super Polytex (polyester fabric covered in a layer of PVC)
Seats: Four

Garden furniture sets: Bench


Yuri Garden Bench

21 of the best garden furniture sets for enjoying sunny days at home (16)


  • Stylish design
  • Coordinating outdoor furniture available

Made has a range of bright and beautiful garden furniture this season – we love the contrasting greens and pinks of this modern bench.

Size: H94 xW156 x D70cm
Seats: Two

Garden furniture sets: Garden bar set

John Lewis & Partnersjohnlewis.com

Salsa Garden Bar Table & Chairs Set



  • Coordinating outdoor furniture available
  • Can be left outside all year round

This vibrant table and chair set will help transform your outside space into a trendy garden bar area, providing the perfect spot for afternoon cocktails in the sun. Just pick up some pretty glassware to finish it off. This fun design is also available as a bistro set.

Size: H107.7 x W61 x D36.3cm (chairs); H95 x D60cm (table)
Seats: Two

Garden furniture sets: Hanging chair


Lyra Garden Hanging Chair

21 of the best garden furniture sets for enjoying sunny days at home (18)


  • Cushion included
  • Stylish retro design
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We can just see ourselves curled up in this hanging chair reading a book.

Size: H183 xW107 x D100cm
Material: PE rattan

Garden furniture sets: Sofa

Marks & Spencermarksandspencer.com

Capri Garden Sofa

21 of the best garden furniture sets for enjoying sunny days at home (19)


  • Coordinating outdoor furniture available
  • Comfortable curved seat

This sofa is the perfect combination of rustic charm and modern styling.

Size: H76.5 xW145 x D72 cm
Wood and PE rattan
Seats: Two

Garden furniture set: Tall dining set

Charles Bentleywilko.com

Extrusion Bar Dining Set



  • Durable aluminium frame
  • On-trend contemporary design

Create a real outdoor bar feel in your garden with this tall dining set. Now you just need an outdoor drinks cart and you're all set.

Size: H62 x L34 x W42cm
Material: Metal
Seats: Six

Garden furniture set: Sun loungers


5 Piece Garden Conversation Set

21 of the best garden furniture sets for enjoying sunny days at home (21)


  • Comfortable seating
  • Cushions included

Time for sunbathing, anyone?

Material: Metal

Garden furniture sets: Outdoor tables


Ipanema 2 Coffee Tables



  • Affordable price point

A splash of yellow just makes any space a bit more inviting. This is a great price for two outdoor tables, too.

Metal and wicker

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What is the best material for patio furniture in hot climate? ›

Synthetic resin and teak are the best materials for places that get a lot of hot, sunny days. Make sure to buy High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Wicker and not inexpensive PVC material. PVC has a tendency to fray, fracture, or become brittle. Teak is a beautiful and excellent choice.

What type of garden furniture lasts the longest? ›

Wrought Iron is one of the most durable and longest lasting type of outdoor furniture available, many times lasting decades. Truly an investment that keeps on giving, wrought iron furniture is also the heaviest frame. O.W. Lee's, Wrought Iron San Cristobal, Lifetime= 25+ years.

What is comparable to Polywood furniture? ›

Poly-Wood's competitors and similar companies include Cope Plastics, Supreme, Nilkamal and Jardin. Polywood is a company that manufactures structural plastic lumber from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics. Cope Plastics is a manufacturer and distributor of plastic products and materials.

How do I keep my outdoor furniture cool in the summer? ›

Here are six approaches that can make your patio a great place to hang out all summer long.
  1. Light Colors and Cool Fabrics. One essential thing to consider is the color of your patio, including your patio furniture and decorations. ...
  2. Shade. ...
  3. Plants. ...
  4. Water Features. ...
  5. Fans. ...
  6. Evaporative Coolers. ...
  7. Why Choose Portacool for Your Patio.

What furniture is best for humid climate? ›

For people in damp, humid climates, you need furniture that is resistant to rust and can handle constant exposure to moisture. Aluminum furniture or wicker are both great options, but take special care to avoid iron.

What type of patio furniture is the most weather-resistant? ›

1. Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio Furniture. One of the most durable types of outdoor patio furniture you can have is made from wrought iron. Wrought iron furniture is timeless-looking, weather-resistant, and heavy enough to withstand most winds.

What garden furniture doesn't rot? ›

Unlike teak or in fact any wooden garden furniture, cast aluminium cannot rot. Unlike cast iron garden furniture and iron garden furniture it will not rust, and it is nowhere near as heavy!

What is the best hard wearing garden furniture? ›

Teak is known for its durability and resistance to rot and decay, making it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Cedar is another popular choice due to its natural resistance to rot and decay, as well as its pleasant fragrance. Eucalyptus is a more affordable option but is also less durable than teak or cedar.

What is the best furniture to last a long time? ›

Couches that have a dense hardwood frame (like maple, walnut or teak) are the most durable. Tightly woven textiles and leather are long-lasting fabric choices.

Are Trex and POLYWOOD the same company? ›

General. Is Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ made from Trex decking? The majority of Trex Outdoor Furniture is built using POLYWOOD® lumber.

Does Polywood furniture fade in the sun? ›

Polywood furniture is heavy enough not to blow away and it's made to withstand the elements, so you can leave your furniture outside 24/7. The coloring in Polywood is infused with UV-stabilizers to prevent fading, but it may still fade a little. To minimize fading, keep it covered.

Is POLYWOOD worth the money? ›

Truly, all you need to keep a Polywood set looking pristine year after year is soap, water and sponge for a light wash. We've tested the goods ourselves and can confirm they are well worth the splurge, and will look just as good on day 1,000 as they did on day one.

When should I put my garden furniture out? ›

When to take it out? The best time to take out your rattan garden furniture is after the last frost. Although the temperature outside may be warm, check the weather forecast for your area. If it says that the temperature will drop below freezing during the night, then you should wait a little longer.

What to put on outdoor furniture? ›

Use furniture sunscreen.

If your furniture is metal or plastic, apply an even coat of outdoor furniture protector (a paint brush can make this job easier). If your furniture is wood, regular ol' paint is the best way to protect it from the sun. The pigments in paint work like sunscreen and protect the wood from harm.

How do you stay cool outside without shade? ›

Here are some tips and tricks to beat the heat, especially for those outside working or even playing.
  1. Keep a wet towel and sunscreen in a cooler. ...
  2. Wear breathable clothes. ...
  3. Go for a swim. ...
  4. Make sure your fan is spinning the right way. ...
  5. Apply ice or a cold water bottle to pulse points. ...
  6. Drink minted beverages.
Jul 18, 2019

What room in house is most humid for plants? ›

Areas in your home such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms tend to have more humidity, so plants will be happy here. Try moving your plants to these areas during the drier months.

What is the most humid room in the house? ›

Basements are often more humid than other rooms because moisture from the ground can seep through basement walls. If the humidity is over 50 percent or under 30 percent in one or more zones of your home, the following solutions will help you get your humidity levels in check.

What is the best humid inside a house? ›

Ideal humidity – and signs of trouble

Every home is different, but a level between 30 and 40 per cent humidity is typically ideal for keeping your home warm and comfortable in the winter, without leaving condensation on the windows. In the summer, that level can be higher, between 50 and 60 per cent.

Is expensive patio furniture worth it? ›

The short answer to this question is a simple yes. Expensive patio furniture is really worth the money because it's an investment. Though you may have to pay a lot upfront, expensive patio furniture saves you countless dollars in the long run because of its durability.

Should you cover garden furniture every night? ›

Your furniture will last without having to cover up every single night, but definitely could benefit from covering up in moisture-rich conditions. Especially in the spring and summer, when humidity is high and rain is common, it's important to cover your furniture to safely bypass the elements.

What is the easiest to maintain outdoor furniture? ›

Go for Easy-Care Outdoor Furniture

Most metal, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker pieces can stand up to whatever nature throws their way. With a bit of regular cleaning, furniture made using these forgiving materials will look wonderful for years.

What is the longest lasting wood for outdoor furniture? ›

Teak wood easily lasts the longest when used for outdoor furniture or decking. When properly maintained, it can last for the entirety of your life and years after.

What to avoid when buying furniture? ›

10 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Furniture
  • Ignoring scale and space. ...
  • 3) Not considering your lifestyle. ...
  • 4) Impulse buying and fads. ...
  • 5) Forgetting maintenance. ...
  • 6) Buying it all at once. ...
  • 7) Too match of a matchness. ...
  • 8) Painting first. ...
  • 9) Sacrificing usability and comfort for looks.

What is the most sought after piece of furniture? ›

The most expensive furniture ever sold is The Badminton Chest which went for $36.7M in 2004 at Christie's Auction in London.

What is the most useful piece of furniture? ›

The most important pieces of furniture for your home
  • Chest of Drawers.
  • Boookcase.
  • Armchair.
  • Dining room table.
  • Desk.
  • Wardrobe.
  • Bed.
  • Outdoor table.

Who is Trex biggest competitor? ›

According to Similarweb data of monthly visits, trex.com's top competitor in April 2023 is timbertech.com with 492.8K visits.

What is better than Trex? ›

AZEK contains no wood, and uses about 50% recycled material. AZEK boards are also significantly lighter than Trex boards and absorb less heat. AZEK Boards are also more expensive than Trex boards–especially in their value-priced offerings.

Is POLYWOOD hot in the sun? ›

Will My Poly Furniture Get Hot In the Sun? Not very. Poly will not absorb as much heat as wood and will not reflect it like metal, so it remains significantly cooler in the sun.

Can you leave POLYWOOD out all winter? ›

Can I keep my POLYWOOD furniture out all year-round? Yes, our all-weather material is built to withstand all four seasons and a range of climates including hot sun, snowy winters, salt spray, and heavy winds.

Does POLYWOOD get hot to touch? ›

POLYWOOD outdoor furniture is cool to the touch.

Unlike metal chairs and chaise loungers, POLYWOOD doesn't absorb excess heat or cold.

What is the life expectancy of POLYWOOD? ›

It is made primarily from recycled plastics and other materials, such as recycled paper, glass bottles and aluminum cans. Polywood furniture is built to last, with an average life expectancy of 15 years.

Is POLYWOOD made in China? ›

All POLYWOOD outdoor furniture is built in the USA. Our American-made patio furniture is constructed at our facilities in Syracuse, Indiana, and Roxboro, North Carolina.

Is white POLYWOOD hard to keep clean? ›

White polywood furniture is made from a highly durable plastic material meaning it is largely simple to keep clean and fresh by wiping it over with soap and water.

What freight company does POLYWOOD use? ›

Whenever possible we will ship via FedEx. Larger items and high volume orders will be shipped LTL.

Is it better to spray or paint garden furniture? ›

Spray painting wood garden chairs

Spray painting is an easy way of achieving a smooth, even finish on not just metal, but wood furniture too. Whereas painting with a brush, roller or sponge can result in drips and brush marks, not to mention the time factor, spray paint can give you a great flawless finish.

Can I leave my garden furniture cushions outside? ›

Outdoor patio cushions are designed to be relatively durable and weather-resistant, but can patio cushions be left outside all the time? Sorry but no. It's not smart to leave outdoor cushions outside unprotected or to set and forget them without regular cleaning, even if no one's scheduled a white-gloved inspection.

Can you leave outdoor furniture out all year? ›

While aluminum, plastic, concrete and teak materials are ideal for outdoor furniture year-round, materials like iron, steel and wicker can be damaged by wet and cold weather conditions and should not be left outside in the winter.

What can I spray on my patio furniture to keep it from rusting? ›

All that you need to do is apply WD-40 on the surface of your metal patio chairs—or any other metal that needs protection from corrosion—and give it time to dry off. And…that's it! With WD-40, the chore of protecting your metal patio chairs from corrosion has, truly, become a simple task!

How do I keep my patio dust free? ›

Having a paving stone patio, artificial grass or wood chips between areas of dirt and your house provides a space where the dirt and dust can naturally come off of paws and little feet before they make it inside. You may also want to consider purchasing doormats that are specifically designed to trap dirt and dust.

How do you keep mold off outdoor furniture? ›

Tips to Prevent Mold and Mildew on Patio Furniture

Eliminate Moisture: Make sure that there is a positive flow of air. If your patio furniture is placed inside a sunroom or enclosed space, you may want to get a dehumidifier or have a fan blow air out of the room to reduce the amount of moisture in the room.

How do you stay cool in 90 degree weather? ›

6 Ways to Stay Cool in Extreme Heat
  1. Drink water. Keep you and your pets hydrated. ...
  2. Find air conditioning. If your home does not have air conditioning, go to the shopping mall or public library. ...
  3. Insulate your house. ...
  4. Wear sunscreen. ...
  5. Never leave pets or people in a closed car. ...
  6. Avoid strenuous activities.
Jun 29, 2021

How do you prepare for a hot day outside? ›

Wear a hat wide enough to protect your face. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Avoid high-energy activities or work outdoors, during midday heat, if possible.

How do you cool down on a hot day outside? ›

When out in direct sunlight, wear (and regularly reapply) sunscreen, cover your head with a hat and remember to take regular breaks indoors or in a shady area to avoid getting heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Wearing light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing will also help you to keep cool.

What patio material stays cool? ›

As far as manmade patio materials go, porcelain wins hands down as the best material to prevent a patio from overheating. The cooling properties of porcelain have been known for millennia, with the material once used for making pillows by ancient civilizations because it would keep cool at night.

Does cast aluminum patio furniture get hot in the sun? ›

Aluminum may be affordable and durable, but it overheats more in the sun than a wood or HDPE lumber chair would. Before choosing your outdoor furniture materials, it can be helpful to ask yourself a few questions, including: How much time do you want to devote to maintenance?

What is the most durable material for a patio? ›

Which is the most durable patio material? Porcelain pavers are renowned for their excellent durability. For a more natural approach, granite stone is also incredibly hardwearing. It's also non-porous, meaning it's less likely to crack in freezing conditions.

What type of patio furniture is best for Florida weather? ›

The best materials for outdoor furniture in Florida include synthetic resin wicker, teak wood, cast aluminum, stainless steel, and composite wood. These materials are all durable, low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and hold up well in Florida's hot and humid climate.

What material stays coolest in the sun? ›

Cotton. Cotton is one of the coolest fabrics for summer and hot weather. Not only is it cheap and hugely available, but it is also great for the heat. Cotton is soft, lightweight, breathable, and soaks up sweat, allowing heat to escape the body and for you to stay cool.

What is the best low maintenance patio? ›

Pick porcelain pavers

The latest porcelain slabs and boards have the look of natural stone or wood but require less maintenance. They're strong, durable and hard-wearing, dirt-repelling and frost and algae resistant. They won't fade, are long lasting and stay clean too.

What makes a patio cozy? ›

Add Cozy Cushions, Throw pillows, throws, as well as an Outdoor Rug. It does take a bit of work to keep an open outdoor area clean all the time, but so worth it for outdoor relaxing and seating for a group. Cushions and pillows add that soft goods factor that you definitely want when you're outdoors relaxing.

What kind of patio furniture doesn't get hot? ›

All-weather, PE or polyrattan

Because plastic is entirely moisture-resistant, polyrattan is far more durable outdoors than natural rattan, it doesn't conduct heat and it is generally fairly inexpensive in comparison to hardwood furniture.

What are the disadvantages of aluminium outdoor furniture? ›

Cons of Aluminum Patio Furniture
  • Challenging to weld: Although aluminum is easy to bend and cut, it can be challenging to weld. ...
  • Not as durable: Aluminum furniture is durable for its weight. ...
  • Not storm-proof: Because it is so lightweight, furniture made of aluminum might blow around, especially in strong winds.
Jun 27, 2022

Does powder coated aluminum furniture get hot in the sun? ›

Woodgrain and powdercoated aluminium reached higher temperatures than anodised aluminium: the extra layer insulates the material. A thick powdercoat can provide conductivity levels similar to timber: so it will feel cooler than raw aluminium.

What is the cheapest outdoor hard surface? ›

The cheapest outdoor flooring is concrete patio flooring. Concrete enjoys a reputation as a cheap patio flooring option. Unlike other flooring materials, concrete slabs are budget-friendly.

Why is good patio furniture so expensive? ›

Outdoor furniture can be expensive for a variety of reasons. Many expensive, high-end sets are hand-made while cheaper furniture is produced large-scale in a factory. The cost of your patio furniture is (typically) directly proportional to how long it will last.

Can you leave patio furniture outside year round? ›

While aluminum, plastic, concrete and teak materials are ideal for outdoor furniture year-round, materials like iron, steel and wicker can be damaged by wet and cold weather conditions and should not be left outside in the winter.


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